Child Protection Training

Date & Time:

Friday 24 January 2020 (09:00 - 16:30)

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Portsmouth Academy Training and Learning Centre (TLC), St Marys Road, Portsmouth,


Aim: To support and equip key professionals with knowledge and skills to promote good practice in child protection

Who is it for? This training is for designated officers/professionals with responsibilities with regards to making inter-agency contacts to MASH, attending Child Protection Conferences and working with children on Child Protection Plans. 

Intercollegiate Document for health care staff - Level 3: All clinical staff working with children, young people and/or their parents/ carers and/or any adult who could pose a risk to children who could potentially contribute to assessing, planning, intervening and/ or evaluating the needs of a child or young person and/or parenting capacity (regardless of whether there have been previously identified child protection/safeguarding concerns or not). 

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognise that the child and their views are central to all child protection work and know how this translates into every area of practice.

  • Understand the history, definitions and legislative framework of child protection and how this informs practice.

  • Apply the Local Safeguarding Children Board Procedures (including the Threshold Document) to your practice.

  • Understand what action to take if you have a safeguarding concern: including contacting the MASH, the place of parental consent and how to complete the Inter-Agency Contact Form.

  • To know your role and responsibilities in the child protection process

  • Be aware of how our attitudes, values and behaviour can both positively and negatively impact on safeguarding children

Time: This is a one day course. We offer this training once per month during term-time. Please note that lunch is not provided.

Certificate: Attendance all day is mandatory to qualify. You will receive a certificate on completion of evaluation on line.

Prerequisite: To have completed Basic Safeguarding or equivalent within 3 years and Early help training or equivalent experience.


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Portsmouth Academy Training and Learning Centre (TLC), St Marys Road, Portsmouth,