Child Exploitation – as a health professional what do you need to know?

Date & Time:

Wednesday 12 January 2022 (19:00 - 20:30)

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Virtual Meeting, Details to be sent prior


This training has been developed by Hampshire, they have kindly made it available to Portsmouth colleagues

Target Audience- All health professionals

Intercollegiate training level- level three


Child exploitation takes many forms and is a significant issue both locally and across the UK. This training, designed specifically for health practitioners, aims to develop understanding and awareness of the different and evolving types of exploitation that children may experience  and seeks  to empower health professionals to recognise and respond to any identified risk factors. This session will offer further information regarding the specific risk assessment tools that are available to health practitioners including when to use them, responding appropriately to findings, and how to work with multi-agency partners to support the child.


Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop awareness and understanding of the different types of child exploitation
  • To develop skills in recognising the signs of exploitation in children
  • To consider the appropriate response of health practitioners when risks and indicators of exploitation in children are identified, including how to utilise the skills and expertise of multi-agency partners
  • To develop awareness  of the risk assessment tools available to health practitioners to support the assessment and identification of risk

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Virtual Meeting, Details to be sent prior